Humanity advanced early in its history. Its technology became highly sophisticated, and it outward expanded along the Orion Arm to escape Forerunner control thousands of years before the activation of the Halo Array. By approximately 150,000 BCE, Humanity had created a vast civilization, colonizing planets along the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Humanity once formed an alliance with the San'Shyuum and later warred against the nascent Flood. Humanity drove the Flood from the galaxy for the next several millennia, but the conflict caused a war with the Forerunners.

~Halo Wiki


K-Tier: Unknown, likely 4-C

C-Tier: Unknown

Name: Ancient Humans, Hamanune, Manush, Archeohomina

Origin: Halo

Attack Potency: Unknown (Not enough information on them, however they managed to fight the Forerunners for millennia)

Type of Faction: Unknown

Era: Prehistoric Times

Times of Stability: Unknown

Times of Turmoil: Around 107,445 BCE to 106,445 BCE (Wars against The Flood and Forerunners)

Date of Creation: First Spacefaring happened around 1,100,000 BCE, their empire started forming around 150,000 BCE

Date of Dissolution: 106,445 BCE

Population: Unknown, assumed to be in the trillions

Holdings: Hundreds of planets

Weaknesses: Unknown


Weapons: Fibril cutters, directed energy weapons, particle-beam weapons.


Ships: Prime cruisers, First-rate tuned platforms.

Other: Servitors (Artificial Intelligences)


Notable Victories: Driving the Flood out of the galaxy.

Notable Losses: Losing the human-Forerunner wars.

Inconclusive Matches:

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