BAALO17 117 D-Ripper


A device invented by Tipheres and then used by Don-Fua. It seemingly has an endless ability to manipulate reality on a high level- that of a rank 1 multiverse (at least).


C-Tier: At least 2-A

Name: D-Ripper

Origin: Gunnm: Last Order

Affiliation: Don Fua

Date of Commission: ES 501, but due to its strange nature, it might just be timeless. 

Date when Decommissioned: N/A

Weight: Unknown

Size: Unknown, but likely much smaller than a human being (physically speaking)

Muzzle Velocity: N/A (can endlessly manipulate reality at seemingly instant speeds across various planes of existance)

Ammo type: N/A (its ability is to directly manipulate reality down to the temporal and spaial axis)

Yield: At least Multiverse level+ (Has the potential to create and use infinite energy and can erase all of reality, which as of now likely only entails a countably infinite universes).

Durability: Unknown (its incorpeal and apparently time-less nature makes it almost impossible to destroy, and it doesnt have a physical form anymore, it seems to have been absorbed completely by Don Fua's existance)

Rate of Fire: N/A (it is not a gun)

Range: Extra-dimensional to an unknown degree, might extend to any point in all of space-time. 

Weakness: None known

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