H9 Turbolasers SWArmada


The H9 turbolaser was a shipboard emplacement weapon produced by Taim & Bak. H9 turbolasers in single- and dual-emplacement turrets served as the primary armament on the CR90 corvette. They were also mounted in a dual emplacement on the rear of the Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttle.



C-Tier: 8-A to 7-C, 7-A to 6-B

Origin: Star Wars

Affiliation: Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire

Date of Commission: Unknown

Date when Decommissioned: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Muzzle Velocity: Relativistic

Ammo type: Lasers

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level to Town level using Disney Canon, Large City level to Country level using Legends/ICS Canon

Rate of Fire:

Range: Several dozens of kilometers using Disney Canon, several Light Hours using Legends/ICS canon

Clip/Magazine Size: Unknown

Weakness: Slower than standard laser cannons, gets weaker through the atmosphere


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