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The Halcyon-class light cruiser is a United Nations Space Command cruiser starship classification designed by Dr. Robert McLees in 2510, with a hull classification symbol of C.

Their service lives were short due to a unique hull design that was costly to construct and maintain with low maneuverability, poor armament, and concerns about their tactical viability. They were replaced by the Marathon-class cruiser. Despite the disadvantages of the original design, the heavily modified UNSC Pillar of Autumn proved to be one of the most effective, and costly, ships deployed in the war.

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C-Tier: 8-B with Archer Pods | 7-C with MAC Cannon

Name: Halcyon-class light cruiser, Human Attack Ship class C-II (By The Covenant)

Origin: Halo

Affiliation: United Nations Space Command

Date of Commission: 2510

Date when Decommissioned: Phased out over-time for the Marathon-class heavy cruiser and Autumn-class heavy cruiser

Length: 1,170.63 meters (3,840.64 ft)

Width/Wingspan: 352.27 meters (1,155.73 ft)

Weight: 9 Million Metric Tons

Attack Potency:

Acceleration: 30 gees

Maximum Speed:

# of people: 1000 Naval Crew, 800 Marines


  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (1)
  • Shiva missiles (4)
  • Archer missile pods (6)
  • M190 Rampart point defense guns

Armor: Titanium-A battle plate; resistant to around 5 plasma bolts.

Power Source: Whether it is an engine or reactor, link it (And if possible put its wattage)

Weakness: low maneuverability, poor armament, and concerns about tactical viability


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