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A quick description of what the vehicle can do


C-Tier: 9-A to 8-C with Laser Cannons | 8-A to 7-C with Turbolasers (Disney Canon), 7-A to 6-B with Turbolasers (Legends/ICS Canon)

Name: Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer, Imperial I Star Destroyer, Imperial Star Destroyer, Star Destroyer, ISD

Origin:Star Wars

Affiliation: Galactic Empire

Date of Commission: When the vehicle was starting to be used

Date when Decommissioned: When the vehicle was replaced or retired

Length: 1,600 meters

Width/Wingspan: Its width

Weight: How much it weighs

Shielding and Hull Material: What type of shielding or hull-material the vehicle has

Attack Potency: Room level to Building level with Laser Cannons (Can shoot down Tie-Fighters) | Multi-City Block level to Town level with Turbolasers in Disney Cannon, Large City level to Country level in Legends/ICS canon (BDZ can raze planets. One Turbolaser blast is stated to equal 200 Gigatons of TNT and can boil large chunks of oceans)

Durability: How much damage the vehicle can endure through its shielding and shell/hull

Maximum Speed: How fast it can go

Acceleration: 2300 gees

Maximum Altitude/Depth: How high/low the vehicle can go (Only for Submarines or Flying Vehicles)

Crew Size: 9235 Officers, 27850 Enlisted

Passenger Size: 9700 Stormtroopers


  • TIE/ln space superiority starfighters (72
  • Lambda-class T-4a shuttles (8)
  • AT-AT walkers (20)[1]
  • AT-ST or AT-DP walkers (30)
  • Imperial Troop Transports (15)


Armor: What material it is made of and how thick it is

Power Source: Whether it is an engine or reactor, link it (And if possible put its wattage)

Weakness: Any notable weaknesses which might hamper the vehicle


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