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The Interim Coalition of Governance are the humans in Stephen Baxter’s Xeelee Sequence novel Exultant. The human-supremacist Interim Coalition of Governance has conquered almost the whole Milky Way — all but the alien Xeelee concentrated at the galactic core around a supermassive black hole called Chandra. The mysterious Xeelee are far more advanced but less numerous than the humans, and the war has been at a stalemate for three millennia even though the entire Coalition has been directed toward the war effort and ten billion humans die at the front every year. In a war fought with faster-than-light technology (equivalent to time travel), each side has foreknowledge of the other's actions and can develop counter-measures to plans before they are made.

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K-Tier: 4-C

C-Tier: 4-B

Name: Interim Coalition of Governance, Xeeleeverse Humanity

Origin: Xeelee Sequence

Attack Potency: Human level | Solar System level with Starbreakers and Monopole Cannons (Can cause stars to go Nova and tear through Xeelee Nightfighters)

Type of Faction: 'Militarized human-centric organization

Era: ~5400 to 25,000 CE

Times of Stability:

Times of Turmoil:

Date of Creation: 5408 CE (During Third Expansion)

Date of Dissolution: Fragmented ~25,000 CE

Population: Trillions

Holdings: Most of the Milky Way Galaxy, except the Galactic Center

Power Source:

Industrial Capacity: Very high, can mass produce Rocks and Greenships and other military supplies to fuel billions of troops and armies and fleets spanning the galaxy

Military Prowess: Most children are expected to fight for the Coalition, with it being considered an honor to die in battle at a young age. Whole wars can occur for thousands of years with trillions dying overall, yet there being no restrain to the war machine. The the very goal of the Coalition is to conquer through war and fight the Xeelee, to the point where all aspects of life for most sections of the faction is for war.

Weaknesses: Very rigid and intolerant to creativity or self-aggrandizement. Does not seek to truly defeat the Xeelee, and just maintain an eternal war to keep the Coalition alive.



Monopole Cannon Starbreaker



Greenship Rock Corvette

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