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Lacedaemon was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece. Around 650 BC, it rose to become the dominant military land-power in ancient Greece. Given its military pre-eminence, Sparta was recognized as the overall leader of the combined Greek forces during the Greco-Persian Wars. Between 431 and 404 BC, Sparta was the principal enemy of Athens during the Peloponnesian War, from which it emerged victorious, though at a great cost of lives lost. Sparta's defeat by Thebes in the Battle of Leuctra in 371 BC ended Sparta's prominent role in Greece. However, it maintained its political independence until the Roman conquest of Greece in 146



Tier: 7-B

Name: Lacedaemon, Sparta, Λακεδαίμων, Σπάρτα

Origin: Real Life

Date of Creation: 900s BCE

Date of Dissolution: 192 BCE

Population: Unknown

Holdings: A portion of the Peloponnese




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