The Imperial Lunar-class Cruiser is an uncomplicated but highly effective Cruiser that forms the backbone of the Imperial Navy across the Milky Way Galaxy. It is an easily constructed vessel whose wide array of weapons load outs allows it to serve in a wide variety of tactical roles. The Lunar-class has also served as a baseline design for many new classes of Imperial warships over the millennia

~Warhammer Wiki


C-Tier: 6-C to 6-B

Name: Lunar-class Cruiser

Origin: Warhammer 40K

Affiliation: The Imperium of Man

Date of Commission: When the vehicle was starting to be used

Date when Decommissioned: When the vehicle was replaced or retired

Length: How long it is

Width/Wingspan: Its width

Weight: How much it weighs

Attack Potency: The vehicles yield for each individual weapon or technology on it

Maximum Speed: How fast it can go

Acceleration: How fast it can accelerate

Maximum Altitude/Depth: How high/low the vehicle can go (Only for Submarines or Flying Vehicles)

# of people: How much it can hold + who pilots it


  • 1x Power ram (Can be replaced with a Nova Cannon)
  • 2x Heavy Mass Drivers (1 per wing)
  • 4x standard lances (1 battery per side)
  • 8x Macro Cannons (1 battery per side)
  • 6x Torpedo Launch tubes* (Can be replaced with a Nova Cannon) can get rid Of two to get a nova canon
  • Unknown number of Weapon Batteries (Melta pulsars, Missile Batteries, Plasma Cannons, Sub-Macro Cannons, Grav Cannons)

Armor: What material it is made of and how thick it is

Power Source: Whether it is an engine or reactor, link it (And if possible put its wattage)

Weakness: Any notable weaknesses which might hamper the vehicle


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