Uncrossed gladius


Named by modern historians after the Roman town of Pompeii, this Gladius was by far the most popular one. Four instances of the sword type were found in Pompeii, with others turning up elsewhere. The sword has parallel cutting edges and a triangular tip. This is the shortest of the gladii. Observe that it is often confused with the spatha which was a longer, slashing weapon used initially by mounted auxilia. Over the years the Pompeii got longer, these later versions are referred to as semi-spathas.



Name: Pompeii Gladius, Gladius Pompeianus

Origin: Real Life

Affiliation: The Roman Empire

Date of Commission: Unknown

Date when Decommissioned: Up to the 4th century

Weight: ~700 grams

Length: Blade length ~45–50 cm (18–20 in). Sword length ~60–65 cm (24–26 in)

Width: ~5 cm (2.0 in)

Blade Material: Steel

Handle Material: Wood


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