This is the alignment faction lead by YHVH. Its focus and goal is to control its respective universe with peace and order. Among humans, it is represented by Messiahns in various games. However this faction almost inevitably also leads to a dictatorial control over all living things. It is in a constant conflict against the chaos faction.


K-Tier: 2

C-Tier: 9-B to 8-C (weaker demons), Unknown, likely 6-A to 5-B for mid-tiers, 3-A (top tier demons like demiurge and metatron), Low 2-C (absolute top tiers (Satan)), 2-C for YHVH

Name: Law (and its several sub orders like Ligh-Law, Neutral-Law and dark-Law)

Origin: Shin Megami Tensei game series.

Type of Faction: An oligarchy lead by YHVH with the goal to set its universe in peace and order at the cost of a complete dictatorship.

Era: Has existed since the time of monotheistic religion. 

Times of Stability: Stable for most of history, but has been interrupted by the actions of the messiah protagonists. 

Times of Turmoil: Gets sent into turmoil in various times in different games, in all cases it is by the actions of the messiahs and the chaos factions along with some smaller neutral groups. 

Date of Creation: Unknown. 

Date of Dissolution: Never truly dissoluted in all universes. But in the ones where it does fall apart, it usually happens in the 21st century. 

Population: Unknown number of demons with countless mortal subjects. 

Holdings: At their height- their own respective universe(s), but at their lowest, they have been forced into hiding or completely wiped out in some universes.

Weaknesses: Complete authoritarianism leads to a counterreaction by the chaos faction and mortals searching an alternative. At times the lack of beliefe in the leader leads to situations where YHVH can be weakened and easily broken into pieaces and prevented from coming back to power. 


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