Spaceships are used to move through planets, stars, galaxies, and sometimes even universes. They come in many shapes, sizes, and uses. 

There are 4 main types of overall ship categories focused on.


A vessel designed and built with the sole purpose of engaging in combat and bringing the materials for combat. This is anything from Cruisers, Frigates, Corvettes, Destroyers, Carriers, Battleships, Motherships, anything like that. An Imperial Star Destroyer would be a warship.


Smaller ships made for being small and nimbly bombing or swarming the enemy. Banshees from Halo or Tie Fighters would be starfighters.

Utility Ships

Ships that are used to mine materials or harvest them.

Civilian Ships

Small Ships that are like the space-equivalent of buses in a way, may include vacation ships also

Factors that make a warship good


The Size of a ship matters for many reasons, one reason is that the larger it is the more it can hold or fire. Sometimes the size of a ship can strike fear into the enemy. But size is sometimes not a good thing. Especially if it is noticable.


The ship needs to be able to fight fast and dodge quickly, if it is big and bulky, it will not neccesarily be as good. 

Sublight Speed

How fast a ship can accellerate under conditions of STL speeds. This is measured in gees and sometimes normal velocity. 

FTL Speed

This is how fast a ship can go when using a Slipspace Drive, Warp Drive, or going into Hyperspace.

Sometimes a Sci Fi verse ignores physics and has the ship going at FTL speeds without a drive.


This is what guns it has, while the bigger and more powerful gun sometimes is good. It is also good to have reliable, quick, or hax'd weapons like tractor beams or rapid fire guns.


How much the ship can tank, there are two variables. First there is the hull which protect this ship, but then sometimes there is an extra layer of some time of "anti-matter" or "energy" shielding

Navigation System

All of these factors above depend on one thing, the navigator and its system. Whether it be an AI, or a system like how modern ships use. The Navigation system is vital

Fuel Source

What fuels the ship, the best fuel sources are ones that are common, easy to apply, safe and not hazardous, fuel efficient, and give good performance

Inter-Dimensional Travel

These are ships that are capable or traversing between dimensions or are capable of slipping in and out of time and space.

This might be associated with FTL travel as methods like Hyper/Slipspace is going into another dimension

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