Destruction of Despayre-TEA

The Death Star, an example of a Superweapon


There are weapons that are used for infantry, then there are weapons made to fight other ships. And then there is the last option, the one that will result in total destruction/domination towards the enemy. These are superweapons. Weapons of mass destruction that cost as much to use as they destroy.


  • The Halo Array: Wipes out all life in the galaxy
  • The Death Star: Destroys planets
  • Starkiller Base: Destroys planets and consumes stars
  • Nuclear Bombs: Irradiates and levels cities
  • Super MAC Cannon: Last defenses that cleanly obliterate ships
  • NOVA Bomb: Able to destroy small moons and raze the atmospheres of planets
  • Reality Bomb: Obliterates every particle in the multiverse
  • The gigas: colossal automatons that ravaged floating islands with one triggering countless meteor storms


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