Saint seiya gold saints


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K-Tier: 4-B

C-Tier: At least 4-C, 4-A to 3-C | 3-A

Name: The Gold Saints, 黄金聖闘士 (ゴールドセイント Gōrudo Seinto)

Origin: Saint Seiya

Powers and Abilities: List what powers and abilities the race has through their individuals or technologies

Attack Potency: At least Star level, Multi-Solar System level to Galaxy level with strongest attacks | Universal level with The Athena Exclamation

Type of Faction: Elite warrior group of The Sanctuary

Era: From ancient to modern times

Times of Stability: The time when this faction is in a peaceful or stable time, used to decide what era should be used for versus battles

Times of Turmoil:

Date of Creation: Ancient times

Date of Dissolution: N/A

Population: ideally 12 at any given time

Holdings: N/A

Power Source: Each Gold Saints derive their power from Cosmos

Industrial Capacity: N/A

Military Prowess: The Gold Saints are usually tasked with protecting their sanctuaries and not going into combat, but may be sent into missions given The Pope or Athena's orders

Weaknesses: Gold Saints use their armor for defensive purposes,


Golden Cloths Libra Weapons


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