The Grox



The Grox are a sapient species of cyborg aliens that are supposedly the most evil and hostile race in the galaxy and the main antagonist in Spore.

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K-Tier: 4c (Harnessing the energy of the galactic core and having vast influence throughout the galaxy since eons)

C-Tier: 5B

Name: The Grox

Origin: Spore

Powers and Abilities: Destroying a planet,harnessing the energy of the galactic core

Attack Potency:Possibly galaxy level (If every ship attacks at once)

Type of Faction: Cybernetic empire

Era: Grox era

Times of Stability: Right before the rise of the players empire

Times of Turmoil: The Grox wars(if the player decides to attack them)

Date of Creation: Billions of years ago

Date of Dissolution: After the player earns the Badge outta heck badge.

Population: Millions

Holdings: 2400 Systems near the Galactic core

Power Source: The galactic core

Industrial Capacity: Vast They have the greatest in the galaxy

Military Prowess: Thousands of warships.

Weaknesses:Weak without their cybernetic bodies.



Ground Weapons

Vehicle Weapons

Ship Weapons



Nautical Ships



Other technologies such as power-sources, communications technologies, computing technologies, and civilian technologies


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