The Halo Array are seven (originally there were twelve) massive ring-shaped installations constructed by the Forerunners throughout the galaxy over one hundred thousand years ago as a last resort when combating the parasite known as the Flood. When nothing else could be done, they activated the rings which killed all sentient life forms within three radii of the galactic center. Not only are they weapons of last resort, but the Halo installations are also research facilities, mainly for the study of the Flood.

-Credit to the Halo Wiki


Name: Halos, The Halo Array, The Sacred Ring, Fortress Worlds, Great Wheels

Origin: Halo

Affiliation: The Forerunner Ecumene

Date of Commission: 97,445 BCE

Date when Decommissioned: N/A

Weight: Should be several hundreds of quintillions of kilograms

Size: The more current Halo Rings had a diameter of 10,000 kilometers, it is 22.3 kilometers thick, and 318 kilometers wide.

Muzzle Velocity: Superluminal speeds

Ammo type: Unknown

Yield: Ignores durability, destroys all life in a specific range

Rate of Fire: Unknown

Range: Can be dialed up to 25,000 light years in an omnidirectional path | 250,000 light years in one path for an older model


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