Mantle's Approach is the Ur-Didact's flagship in Halo 4.


C-Tier: 7-B, 6-C to 6-A

Name: The Mantle's Approach, The Mantle

Origin: Halo

Affiliation: The Forerunner Ecumene

Date of Commission: During the Human-Forerunner Wars

Date when Decommissioned: Destroyed on July 25, 2557

Length: 142.7 kilometers (88.7 mi)

Width/Wingspan: 138.6 kilometers (86.1 mi)

Height: 371.4 kilometers (230.8 mi)

Weight: Unknown

Shielding: Energy Shielding

Attack Potency: City level with smaller cannons, Island level to Continent level with the Ion Cannon (It is capable of buckling continents)

Range: Several hundreds of thousands of kilometers

Durability: Continent level

Maximum Speed: MFTL+ (Can cross several thousands of light years in minutes)

Acceleration: At least 500 gees

Crew Size:

  • 1 Strategos
  • 25 Princeps
  • 800 Navarchs
  • 250,000 Praetorians

Passenger Size:

  • 5.5 million Venatores
  • Over a billion Promethean constructs

Complement: Unknown


  • The Composer
  • 1 heavy ion weapon system
  • 1 stasis tension driver
  • 40 torsion driver arrays
  • 1700 light mass fusillade cannons
  • 25,000 converging beam cannons
  • Particle cannon network
  • Anti-Ship Artillery System
    • Z-8250 heavy artillery
    • Z-8250 light artillery

Armor: Programmable matter held together by hard light bonds and energy interlocks.

Power Source: Vacuum Energy

Weakness: Unknown


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