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The Dominate or late Roman Empire was the "despotic" later phase of imperial government, following the earlier period known as the "Principate", in the ancient Roman Empire. It has traditionally been considered to begin with the commencement of the reign of Diocletian in AD 284, following the Third Century Crisis of AD 235–284, and to end in the west with the collapse of the Western Empire in AD 476.



Tier: 7-B

Name: The Roman Empire, Late Rome, Rome in Late Antiquity, The Western Roman Empire, Imperium Romanum Occidentale

Origin: Real Life

Era: Late Antiquity

Date of Creation: July 284 CE

Date of Dissolution: September 4, 476 CE

Population: 61.4 Million (164 CE)

Holdings: 4.4 million square km (380) | 2 million square km (395, western half)

Weakness: A host of weak emperors near the end, religous and political division, growing degredation of the Roman Legions, dying resources




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