Speed: Athletic Human, with Superhuman to Faster than Light reactions (Time Lords have 10x faster reactions than humans, the Doctor could react in nanoseconds) | Faster than Light to Massively Faster than Light+ with Ships in realspace (The TaRDiS can ride on the expansion of the universe, cross 250,000,000 millions of light years in 10 minutes, and more), Immeasurable in the Time Vortex


Time Lord Reaction Speeds: "'Please slow down, Doctor. It’s not safe to drive so quickly." They were moving so fast that the countryside around them was no more than a blur.

It’s perfectly safe,’ shouted the Doctor cheerfully. "My reactions are ten times as fast as yours, remember. And Bessie’s no ordinary car."

They were streaking along a comparatively straight stretch of road when, to her horror, Jo saw that a main highway was cutting across it at right angles.

They swept up to the junction, the Doctor’s foot pressed steadily on the brake, and Bessie stopped – instantly.

Jo gulped. "Why didn’t I go through the windscreen?"

"Because Bessie’s brakes work by the absorption of inertia – including yours."


Range: Standard Melee Range normally, Varies with weapons and biological abilities, Composite Universal Absolute Range for senses (Can sense and detect higher dimensions) | Stellar to Multi-Universal Quantitative Range with Composite Universal Absolute Range for ships (TaRDiSes exist on a 5-D matrix) | Universal Quantitative Range with Composite Universal Absolute Range for The Armageddon Sapphire | Multiversal+ Quantitative Range with Composite Universal Absolute Range with The Ultimate Sanction and The Moment


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