The United Nations Space Command, more commonly known as the UNSC, is the military, exploratory, and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government.


K-Tier: 6-B | Possibly 6-A

C-Tier: 9-C to 9-A with Ground Weaponry | 9-A to 8-C with Heavy Ground Vehicles | 8-B to 7-B with Starship Weapons | 6-C with the SMAC | 6-A with the NOVA Bomb

Name: United Nations Space Command, UNSC

Origin: Halo

Attack Potency: Human level | Wall level to Room level with small firearms | Room level to Building level with Heavy Ground Vehicles | City-Block level to City level with Starship Weapons | Island level with the SMAC Cannon | Continent level with the NOVA Bomb

Type of Faction: Military, exploratory, and scientific agency

Era: Colonization era

Times of Stability: The time when this faction is in a peaceful or stable time, used to decide what era should be used for versus battles

Times of Turmoil: 2164 - 2170 (Interplanetary War) | Between 2362 and 2494 (Inner Colony Wars) | February 3rd, 2525 - December 11th, 2552 (Human Covenant War) | 2559 (The Reclamation)

Date of Creation: Between 2163

Date of Dissolution: N/A

Population: Millions to billions of personnel

Holdings: They oversee 800 planets during the UEG's peak

Weaknesses: Relatively under-powered weapons, plagued with scandal and corruption



  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
  • HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapon
  • NOVA Bomb




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