Halo 5 Lightrifle (Render)

As seen in Halo 5: Forge.

Halo 5 Barbed Lance (Render)

The Ultra-rare variant of the Lightrifle.

Halo 5 Dying Star (Render)

The Legendary variant of the Lightrifle.


The Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon (also abreviated as "Z-250 DEEW"), best known as the LightRifle, is a Forerunner mid-long range weapon used as Standart Equipment for the Composed Prometheans, this weapon fires beams of hard light particles, Its known to be one of the two main Promethean weapons and the Promethean counterpart to the Covenant's Carabine and UNSC's Battle Rifle.

This weapons has two Req variants:

The Barbed Lance: Even the most cunning stratagems and deadly artifice of Forerunner Warrior-Servants could not stop the voracious Flood. Improved LightRifle with an extended magazine and faster rate of fire.

—In-game description.

Dying Star: The appearance of highly mobile and mutable Flood Pure Forms quickly led to Promethean countermeasures. Advanced LightRifle that fires adhesive pulsewave explosives; as few as three nearby explosions will prove fatal to even a shielded Spartan.

—In-game description.


C-Tier: 9-A | 9-A | At least 9-A likely 8-C

Origin: Halo

Affiliation: The Forerunners.

Date of Commission: Unknown, first seen in 98,379 B.C.E

Date when Decommissioned: N/A, cease use post Flood-Forerunner War (97,445 B.C.E) but is still in use by the Promethean Knights in 2557 onwards.

Powers and Abilities: Hardlight- Energy Projectiles, Enhanced Senses (Can use a Telescopic vision with the reticule), Can Incinerate bodies, Durability Negation (Can Ionize enemies after some damage), Regeneration Negation (At least Low-High, can Ionize wich destroys the particules of the body.) | Same as before | Same as before, Explosion Manipulation (After a shot, generates an explosion of high power with the same efects as his projectiles)

Weight: 13.2 kilograms (29 lb).

Muzzle Velocity: Unknown

Ammo type: Light Beam/Mass

Attack Potency: Room level (Able to Ionize Spartans in two shots) | Room level (An amped version of the previous varation.) | At least Room level (Its vastly superior to all his counter parts, who are at the same level of the Covenant's heavy weaponry, likely Building level (Their explosion can easily Ionize Spartans in two shots)

Rate of Fire: Moderate

Range: Tens of Meters.

Clip/Magazine Size: 36 rounds (Three-round Bbrst)/12 rounds (Semi-automatic, single shot), 18 rounds (Dying star). 120 rounds total for all versions.

Weakness: None notable | None notable | None notable

Key: Base model | Barbed Lance | Dying Star


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