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Supra City, the Zoku capital


The Zoku are a collective of posthumans originating from pre-Collapse MMORPG guilds. Each member is part of one or more group minds composed of many individuals whose minds are linked using quantum entanglement, mediated by zoku jewels. Physical zoku bodies, known as "trueforms," are foglet clouds surrounding human faces with haloes of jewels. However, zoku can manipulate this form into virtually any shape they wish. 


K-Tier: 5-C

C-Tier: 9-B to 8-A with infantry weapons| 7-C to 5-C with spacecraft weapons| 9-A to 6-A |At least 5-A with special weapons| Potentially 2-B with the Kaminari Jewel

Name: Zoku

Origin: The Quantum Thief

Attack Potency: Wall level (qdot guns can blow off arms with single shots) to Multi City-block level (QCD missiles can clear city squares of armored robots) with infantry weapons| Town level to Moon level with starship weaponry (microton antimatter weapons used for close air support, Holeship cannons and strangelet bombs can destroy moons)|At least Large Planet Level with special weapons (can create large black holes capable of devouring planets, Ekpyrotic gun could create a miniature Big Bang| Potentially Multiverse level with the Kaminari Jewel (could be used to create a false vacuum collapse expanding at lightspeed across all dimensions and freely rewrite physics within its limits).

Type of Faction: Decentralized semi-hivemind

Era: Future

Times of Stability: Most of their history

Times of Turmoil: Protocol War, All-Defector Invasion

Date of Creation: mid-to-late 21st century

Date of Dissolution:

Population: At least trillions of trueforms, many more lobotomized mind uploads

Holdings: Saturn, Jupiter pre-spike, part of Mars, Asteroid Belt resources

Power Source: Miniature black holes, fusion, solar, antimatter

Industrial Capacity: Extremely high. Built a solid urbanized shell encompassing Saturn, can fight the Sobornost who built seven planet sized ships.

Military Prowess: Extremely high levels of training and prowess from VRMMOs, fleet numbers likely in the trillions or higher, think tens of thousands of times faster than humans with support from countless lobotomized mind uploads

Weaknesses: Internal conflict, Great Game leadership cares more about creating interesting narratives then winning





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